truth and dare

welcome to the reverie. a place where the universe of my mind manifests in word and art. this intro will probably change some time in the future, but so will the cosmos. as you peruse this rather peculiar art gallery, my invitation stands as one to journey, and if your heart allows, adventure, in space exploration. so come inside and you might just find something extraordinary. like swirling galaxies and supernovas. black holes, even.

i promise they are there. look closely. take another glance, if you must. but beware, you may find yourself paralyzed, unable to break gaze. and with that, i invite you into the reverie with a challenge. a dare.

a dare to wonder.


– justin –

the Gallery

a collection of my most completed pieces. most of these are more well-processed, thought out, and as a result, lengthier reads. expect to find reflection pieces, rants, articles, stories, and other fun things of that nature.


the stream of consciousness runs wild in these parts. class V rapids. careful not to drink too much of it because it is unfiltered. here, you can find anything from miniatures to rap verses to movie quotes from movies that don’t exist (yet). tread carefully.