the beginning



this weekend, i attended a digital media conference dubbed v3con at the japanese american national museum in LA.  my friend actually won a give-away contest in which the highly-celebrated blogger “angry asian man” gave him free admission for him and a friend.  i just so happened to be that lucky friend.  i thought it sounded cool when he talked to me about it and david choi and clara c were gonna be there so i thought, why knot!  honestly, i had no idea what i was getting myself into because ive never even heard of v3con and didn’t know who “angry asian man” was till i met him that day.  after spending 10+ hours at the conference, i hafta say, i got a lot more out of it than i had initially anticipated.  i saw some hugely influential figures in the social media game and i guess you could say they inspired me by their strong-hearted passion and pride for the aapi’s [asian american/pacific islanders], a growing minority group that i myself am a part of.  these pioneers of journalism and media were all united in purpose, driven towards a common goal: the pursuit of vision, visibility, and voice for the aapi.  


in one of the morning panels, a speaker [of whom i have forgotten her name] made a striking statement that resonated in my mind, even hours after it was uttered.  she said that she kept a blog because she needed to “express and speak [her] heart when [her] mouth couldn’t do it”.  so that’s pretty much why i’m starting this thing, so that i, too, can speak my heart when my mouth just can’t handle the task.  rather than shrug off and ignore an idea that i might find thought-provoking, i shall expand and nurture it until it is full-grown and capture it on ink.  and occasionally, song.  social media world, here i come.


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